Martin Stephenson Saturday 10th January

A truly original songwriter, musician and performer, this great entertainer embodies the very essence of the Kalamazoo. He got the chance to be a rock star once. He figured "That ain't me."
So a troubadour he became, endlessly touring the down home music venues of the land and releasing an amazing 40 albums in 30 years As Uncut magazine put it:"He has rarely lost sight of his simple, unassuming musical goals - dispensing enduring melodies with economy and wit." Martin's work ranges from gentle, spiritual love

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Wizz Jones Saturday 14th February

It surely was a golden folk-blues generation that gave us such guitar greats as Jansch, Renbourn, Graham and tonight's special guest. The biggest stars in rock music will say they owe much to the playing of Wizz Jones. Such tributes can work well for Wizz. He recalls the bumper crowd he had after Eric Clapton name-checked him on the radio. Why did he not become a rock god, too? Could have been something to do with his personality, he explained in a recent interview on Radio 4's Today programme (an honour in itself!). The

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Chris Wood Saturday 14th March

Chris Wood is the man who raised the bar. He took the art of crafting an English folk song to a different level. After 25 years of honing his skills he is laden with awards and heaped with acclaim. This gifted multi-instrumentalist holds fast to the folk tradition. What sets him apart is the power of his songs. They come laced with biting political and social
comment -- typified by the masterpiece, Hollow Point - his condemnation of the killing of Jean Charles de Menezes.

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The Kalamazoo Klub has been bringing great quality folk and acoustic music to North London for the last 20 years. Run by Guy Simpson and Paul Alcantara, it has brought a plethora of World-class names to our audiences over those years.

Fronted by House Band, The Blinkin’ Buzzards, each month’s meeting brings a top-name artist from the worlds of folk and acoustic music. It is now one of the best-known folk music clubs in London.

We meet usually on the second Saturday of the month at The Great Northern Railway Tavern in Hornsey and sometimes at the Union Chapel in Islington. Make sure you check the What’s On page to see which venue we are using and for more details on how to buy tickets.


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